Friday, 20 May 2011

Lino cutting & printing workshop at Victoria Baths Zine Convention

In May 2011 I ran a lino cutting and relief printing workshop at the wonderful Victoria Baths Zine Convention, organised by the excellent in collaboration with Future Everything.

The day was a great success with almost 600 attendees, and our 'make your own zine' laboratory was popular, as an inclusive addition to the basic zine convention format.

I wanted to make the workshop fun for people who already know how to make lino prints, and inspiring for those who're trying it for the first time.


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I made a few A3 posters of this quote by Dieter Roth, it just seems so appropriate to zine making and really advances the message that creativity is for everyone. It came out clearer in the photocopies, this is just a scan of the pasted together original:

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I'd previously taken a bunch of pictures around the baths to print out and have as inspiration, because as we all know the hardest part about starting a picture is deciding what to draw, I won't put any of then up here though because there are absolutely loads and they aren't that interesting. It's a beautiful building and there are plenty of photo's, paintings and drawings of it elsewhere.

I was really pleased with how people got stuck in and spent some time cutting their own lino tile. I'd decided to theme the workshop around tiles (because they're a major part of the Baths' appeal) and little squares are just aesthetically pleasing in any context. There were some pretty young participants and their parents who took their tiles home, hopefully to do some more printing.

Here are the tiles I was left with:

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a mixture of abstract, figurative and.... pigs. When a little lad far too young to really handle the cutting tools wanted to do a print he, of course, chose the pig.

Here's the fella who made it:

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Another participant:

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Here I am in corner cutting squares of paper for her to print on:
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Here are the printed tiles that weren't taken home by people to show to their mums. I chose watery colours of differently textured papers to experiment with:

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The End.

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  1. They already look pretty cool in their black and white cut out versions but look amazing when printed on slightly coloured background.

    is this a good way to make t-shirts also?