Tuesday, 12 October 2010


This is an illustration I've done for the Local History Society zine, it's of my Victoria Baths tote bag. I decided that just drawing a bit of a building would be boring, and thinking about Manchester's historical sites, it came to mind that odd souvenirs are often a highlight. Perhaps I will do a souvenir series.


  1. Really do hope there is a series of these to look forward to


  2. I love that idea, and the pic! You should put the organ museum's bizarre charity shopesque range of merchandise in! Victoria Baths also does some nice edible goods. I think the best I have been to recently, however, is the museum at Fairfield Moravian Settlement in Droyelesden. The gift shop there is basically a table set up in a village hall and they sell loads of home grown produce like veg, and 'Grown in Fairfield' herbs, and jams they've made, and crumble and cakes and stuff, and knitted things, like knitted bees and little knitted Moravian people!